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What size room is a 36-watt LED light suitable for? What are the characteristics of led lights?

August 23, 2022

Proper lighting is vital to our daily comfort and eyesight. For the use of lights, we can refer to, how big a room is a 36-watt LED light suitable for?


1. The 36-watt lamp is suitable for about 8-10 square meters, because it is about 4 watts per square meter, but the wattage varies according to the requirements. Usually, the lighting of the bathroom is 2 watts per square meter, and the dining room and kitchen are 3 watts per square meter, while the study and living room are larger, and 4 watts per square meter are required.


2. Lamps on writing desks and bedside tables can use 15 to 60 watt bulbs, preferably no more than 60 watts. The bedroom can use about 40 to 50W, the study room is 40W, the living room is 60W to 80W, the bathroom is about 20W, and the kitchen is 30W. The above is not absolute, it is also related to personal preference, as long as it is absolutely suitable for you.


What is the applicable area of 36 watt led lights? The applicable area of 36 watt led lights is between 25-30 square meters.


What are the characteristics of led lights:


1. Energy saving: The energy consumption of white LEDs is only one-tenth of that of incandescent lamps and one-fourth of that of energy-saving lamps.


2. Longevity: The life of LED lights is as high as 100,000 hours, which is more suitable for an ordinary family.


3. The led light can work at high speed, so it is not easy to burn, and it is safer to use.


4. The led lamp is a type of cold light source, so it can be transported and installed with confidence, and is not afraid of vibration.


5. The technology of led has been constantly improving. So far, its luminous efficiency has achieved an amazing breakthrough, and the price has been continuously reduced.


6. LED lamps are environmentally friendly lamps without any harmful substances such as mercury, and the bulbs are also very easy to disassemble and assemble. They can be recycled by other people without being recycled by special manufacturers.


7. The light distribution technology of led lights expands the light source, thereby increasing the smooth surface, eliminating glare, improving people's visual effects, and eliminating people's visual fatigue.


8. LED lights also have the function of concentrating and protecting light while being a lens, so the repeated waste of light is well avoided.


9. The led lamp adopts a super bright and high-power led light source, and is equipped with a high-efficiency power supply, which saves more than 80% of electricity compared with traditional incandescent lamps.

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