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August 26, 2022

LED lamps have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, but it is easy to generate a lot of heat during actual operation. Once the heat cannot be discharged, it is easy to cause abnormal chip heat due to excessive temperature, light source recession and lamp life reduction. To put it simply, the thermal management structure of LED lamps is mainly a chip level package, a package level and a system integrated heat dissipation level.


Factors affecting the heat dissipation performance of high-power LED lamps:


1. Fin geometric parameters


Generally speaking, the change of fin parameters of high-power LEDs will directly affect the heat dissipation performance, showing a positive correlation. Before reaching the rated value, the increase in the thickness, height, spacing, number, and length of the fins of high-power LED lamps will lead to an increase in heat dissipation efficiency.


2. The influence of outside temperature


A large amount of heat will appear during the working process of the high-power LED lamp, and this heat needs to be discharged in time. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the outside temperature and the high-power LED lamp is large, it is easy to discharge heat. On the contrary, when the temperature difference between the outside temperature and the high-power LED lamp is not large When it is large, it will affect the heat dissipation of the LED lamp. This temperature effect is limited, but it has a great impact on the optimal heat dissipation efficiency of LEDs.


3. Heat-dissipating materials for LED lamps


The selection of heat dissipation materials such as high-power LEDs has a significant impact on heat dissipation. Generally, under natural conditions, materials with good performance and good thermal conductivity are used for heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation efficiency of LEDs will be higher. specialized materials.


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