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August 27, 2022

High bay light refers to the general term for lamps used in the production areas of factories, mines, warehouses and high bays. In addition to various lighting lamps used in ordinary environments, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments. lamp. According to the light source, high bay lamps can be divided into traditional light source high bay lamps (such as sodium lamp high bay lamps, mercury lamp high bay lamps, etc.) and LED high bay lamps. Compared with traditional high bay lights, LED high bay lights have great advantages: LED high bay lights have a high CRI > 7. LED high bay light has high efficiency and is more energy-saving. The equivalent 100W LED high bay light can replace the traditional 250W traditional high bay light. Traditional light sources all have the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, and the lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, the temperature of the lamp is low, it is safer, and it is a cold drive.

In the continuous innovation of LED high bay light, the latest fin type radiator high bay light has a more reasonable radiator design, which greatly reduces the weight of the high bay light and reduces the overall weight of the 80W LED high bay light to less than 4KG, and can be perfectly Solve the heat dissipation problem of 80-300W LED high bay light. In order to work reliably for a long time in places with poor environmental conditions such as dusty and humid, the industrial and mining lamps have special requirements in terms of structural design, shell and reflector. In dusty environments, closed lamps or convection lamps with upward luminous flux should be used (see picture); in humid environments, attention should be paid to the airtightness of the casing and the surface treatment of the reflector; generally, open lamps are commonly used indoors, and enamel surface reflection is used. The aluminum reflector with thick aluminum oxide film layer on the surface or coated with silicon dioxide protective film; considering the inevitable vibration in the production site, the fixed light source should use the anti-loosening lamp holder, etc. There are many ways to fix high bay lights. General lighting has the form of ceiling, embedded, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall. Movable local lights are equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clip feet, etc.; fixed local lights are generally firmly locked on the working machine with screws or fixing mechanisms.

At present, our company mainly produces UFO high bay lights, all of which are designed and developed by ourselves. The products have other certifications, TUV CE CB SAA and NEW ERP. The product power is mainly 100W 150W 200W 240W.


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