What are LED Warehouse Lights and Why Use LED Warehouse Lights?

November 25, 2022

What are LED Warehouse Lights and Why Use LED Warehouse Lights?

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Warehousing is a common part of several businesses. Just like any other large space, a warehouse needs adequate and quality lighting. In today's post, we define what LED warehouse lights are and why you should choose them for your business.

What are LED Warehouse Lights?

Warehouses are generally large spaces. They require lights that illuminate brightly and evenly at different angles. LED Warehouse Lights are designed for this purpose. They can also be used in any space with ceilings higher than 14 feet. This kind of light is also called high bay light, which is a kind of LED lighting

Why Choose LED High Bay Lights?

Here is a list of reasons why installing high bay LEDs in your warehouse is a good choice:

Energy efficient

A normal light will use 5 to 10 times more electricity than the original cost of the bulb. LEDs use less energy and produce brighter light than traditional lighting options. Uses 85% less than incandescent lamps and 60-70% less than metal halides


Unlike regular lights, LEDs contain no mercury or UV rays. Modern LEDs also feature innovative technologies that reduce the risk of blue light damage.

brighter light

Lumens are used to measure the brightness of LED lights. While there's no hard and fast way to convert from watts to lumens, an LED light will deliver about 70 lumens/watt. This provides a very bright light output without using much energy, ie wattage.


LEDs generally have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting options. One bulb can provide 100,000 hours of light. This makes LEDs last 15 times longer than regular light bulbs.

low maintenance

Warehouses usually require some maintenance and organizational costs. However, if LEDs are installed, you can save on maintenance costs for lighting equipment. Most LEDs today do not have ballasts and strike maintenance requirements. It's also handy considering the high ceilings.

multiple colour

Regular lighting does come in different colors, but LEDs offer even more variety. While typical colors include warm, cool, and daylight, LEDs can provide a variety of colors using different materials that produce photons of multiple wavelengths.

Lighting Angles for Warehouse Lighting

When purchasing LED warehouse lights, you can determine the beam angle to ensure that the area is evenly and effectively illuminated. The beam angle of an LED light is a measure of the light from which it is distributed throughout the space.

For warehouse lighting, the standard beam angle is 120 degrees. This works great for 15 to 30 foot ceilings. As the ceiling height exceeds this range, the beam angle becomes narrower.

For ceilings between 25 and 40 feet, the standard beam angle is 90 degrees. Rugged Grade Lighting also offers LED warehouse lights with a 60 degree beam angle if desired.

How to get the most out of LED warehouse lights?

Commercial and public spaces such as parking lots, warehouses, sconces and streets use metal halide or high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. In the case of switching to LEDs, determining how many lumens will provide the same function as a regular lamp's wattage can be a complicated process. As mentioned earlier, there is no reliable conversion between watts and lumens. The following examples may help:

• For 25W metal halide or HPS bulbs, use 100W LEDs with 13,000 lumens

• For 400W metal halide or HPS bulbs, use 150W LEDs with 20,000 lumens

• For 750W metal halide or HPS bulbs, use 240W LEDs with 32,000 lumens

For a more accurate replacement, it is recommended to consult a lighting engineer.

Things to Consider When Buying LED Warehouse Lights

Here are some considerations to help you buy the best LEDs for your warehouse:


Lumens help determine how bright a light is. The higher the lumen number, the better the brightness.

lumens and watts

With LEDs, lumens are more important than wattage. This is why experts recommend preferring lumens over wattage. The reason is that LEDs are designed to use less energy but also provide better brightness.


Kelvin determines the color temperature of an LED. It shows how warm or cool the light is. For example, you will find 5,000K, 4,000K, and 3,000K LEDs on the market. A lower Kelvin number means warmer and softer light. As the Kelvin increases, the light becomes brighter and whiter.


You'll come across a variety of mounting options in LED warehouses. However, a hook and flood or U-bracket style is more typical.

motion sensor

Some LED warehouse lights and LED parking lot lights have motion sensors. Installing them depends on how convenient you need them at your warehouse. Certain spaces may require sensors. Sensors can be active or passive. Active sensors respond to ultrasonic waves, while passive sensors respond to temperature.

Why is it important to have good lighting?

The warehouse is an area that needs organization. Additionally, employees or any guests with access to the warehouse should be able to enjoy better convenience and productivity. LEDs are safer for eyes and provide higher brightness, so the job becomes more manageable. With LED warehouse lights, business organizations can also save on utility and maintenance costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

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