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July 16, 2022

When we say the power of an electrical appliance, we generally refer to its active power. According to international regulations, if the electrical power marked on electrical equipment is not specified, it refers to the active power. Active power is the power consumed by the equivalent resistance of your electrical appliance. , the active power consumed by all electrical appliances can be converted into the power on the equivalent resistance, which is actually the heat consumed by the power supply per unit of time. With this, the power supply bureau is paid 90 per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The 100W incandescent lamp is pure Resistive, so its input power is active power, and its power factor is equal to 1. If the LED light is marked with power, but it does not specify what power it is, for example, only the power is 100W, but it does not say what power is, according to International Electric The labeling standard should be active power. Since there are capacitors and inductors in the LED lamp, its power factor is not equal to 1, so its input power is not equal to its active power. Its input power is its input voltage multiplied by its input. Current, which is called its apparent power, is the power it occupies the capacity of the transformer, and this power is multiplied by the power factor to get the active power, such as LED lights, the active power is 100W, and the power factor is 0.5, then its input power is. 100/0.5=200VA, this power is called apparent power, which is the power it occupies in the transformer capacity. The energy saving of LED lamps is certain, but its power factor may be very low, so the utilization rate of the transformer is low. What is the power? The LED light is marked with 100W and the incandescent lamp is also marked with 100W, then it indicates active power, which means that it consumes the same power. For example, an electric stove is marked with 1800w, and an induction cooker is marked with 1800w. They should be active power. , This is an international regulation, but their apparent power is different, that is, the capacity of the transformer is different, and the power factor of the induction cooker is much less than 1. Therefore, it occupies a large capacity of the transformer, that is, its volt-ampere becomes larger, and all electrical appliances consume active power The power is consumed by the equivalent resistance, and only the equivalent resistance consumes active power in the circuit.


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Do 100W LED lights consume the same amount of power as 100W incandescent lights?

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