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July 27, 2022

The use of lithium batteries

Lithium battery is a new type of battery in the battery industry. 18650 lithium battery is the originator of lithium battery. The 18650 battery we often mention is actually a lithium battery named after the size and model of the battery. 18 in 18650 refers to the lithium battery. The diameter is 18mm, 65 means the length value is 65mm, 0 means it belongs to the cylindrical battery, and the AA battery is generally used in household batteries, and its model is 14500, which translates to a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 14mm and a length of 50mm. Battery. Common 18650 batteries are also divided into lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the former is currently used more on the market.


What are the advantages of 18650 lithium battery? The data results show that the 18650 lithium-ion battery has the characteristics of high energy density, no memory, and long service life.


1. The capacity of 18650 lithium battery is very large, and the capacity of 18650 lithium battery is between 1200ma-3600ma.


2. The longer the service life, the longer the service life, the longer the cycle of using 18650 lithium-ion batteries, the use of more than 500 times the normal cycle system, the more than twice the rechargeable battery;


3. The 18650 rechargeable battery has no memory, the battery does not necessarily discharge the remaining power before charging, and the application is more convenient;


4. The internal resistance is small, the irreversible volume damage is small, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the rechargeable battery itself and improve the battery life;


5. The safety factor of 18650 lithium battery is high, and it is not easy to cause explosion, explosion or environmental pollution. The test data shows that due to the separation of the positive and negative poles of the 18650 lithium battery, the probability of short-circuit failure is reduced to the maximum in most cases. In the best condition, the protection board of the 18650 lithium battery can modify the 18650 lithium battery, on the one hand, it can prevent the rechargeable battery from being overcharged or losing power.

Our rechargeable work lights all use 18650 ternary lithium batteries, which are currently favored by every customer.

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