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October 26, 2022

how to choose LED tunnel lights?

It is completed by LED tunnel, which plays a role in the transformation of old tunnel lighting, and is basically LED light source. Therefore, now LED tunnel lights have become the trend of today's society.




Compared with traditional sodium lamp tunnel lights, the advantages of LED tunnel lights have been proven in numerous articles on the Internet. And here are professional LED tunnel lights to teach you how to choose LED tunnel lights, in fact, this is also a key issue. If you choose the wrong one, it will not only cause your economic waste, but also not practical, so you must master the methods of choosing LED tunnel lights.


The first is the choice of chip. As we all know, LED tunnel lights are usually used 24 hours a day, so the requirements for LED light sources are relatively high. Moreover, under the same current and heat dissipation conditions, the light decay of small-sized chips is greater than that of standard chips, and the light decay of domestic chips is also greater than that of imported chips.


The second is the choice of power. If the traditional 250W sodium lamp tunnel light is changed to LED tunnel light, then the power of about 100W is enough. In terms of overall luminous flux, the 100W LED tunnel light is lower than the 250W sodium lamp tunnel light, but the 100W LED tunnel light source is unidirectional, so the lamp utilization rate is much higher than that of the sodium lamp. Simply put, under the same lighting conditions, the object under the LED tunnel light displayed by the high indicator is clearer than the object under the sodium lamp displayed by the low indicator, so it is actually wrong to blindly choose a high-power LED tunnel light.


The third is the choice of driving power. To a certain extent, the driving power is more important than the LED chip for the LED tunnel light. If the LED chip is not selected properly, the light decay will be larger and the lifespan will be shorter. And if the drive is not strong, it will directly cause the tunnel light to misfire, thus losing its original function, so it is necessary to directly choose a high-quality driver. However, some manufacturers produce low-end LED tunnel lights, and they also use low power. Such LED tunnel lights cannot play a role in energy saving, so don't choose this kind of LED tunnel lights when choosing.


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