How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED industrial and mining lights?|ufo high bay 150w supplier

February 11, 2023

LED high bay lights, also known as UFO LED high bay lights , are mostly used in workshops and workshops in the machinery manufacturing industry. They are an important part of urban lighting. It is the best choice for energy-saving transformation of traditional industrial plants, and it is also the general trend. With the continuous development and progress of LED lamps, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and some unqualified products will appear. So, in the face of this situation, how should we distinguish the quality of LED industrial and mining lights?

1. Observe the power factor of LED industrial and mining lights . The lower the power factor, it means that the driving power and circuit design settings used by LED high bay lights are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of LED high bay lights.

2. Look at the quality of the lamp beads used in LED high bay lights, because the quality of lamp beads directly determines the quality of LED high bay lights, and the quality of lamp beads also determines the quality of chips and packaging technology.

3. Look at the light effect of LED industrial and mining lights. If the LED high bay lights use the same lamp beads, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness; if the lighting brightness is the same, the power consumption is less, which means that the LED high bay lights are more energy-efficient.

4. Look at the heat dissipation of LED high bay lights. If the lamp bead is in a high temperature state, the light decay will become very large, which will shorten the life of the LED high bay light and also affect its lighting effect.

5. While judging the quality of LED high bay lights based on the above items, select the appropriate LED high bay light according to the specific environmental conditions used.

In addition, when choosing LED industrial and mining lamp products , on the one hand, we must resist the harm caused by inferior products to consumers, and on the other hand, we must resist the impact of inferior products on the industry, and try to choose guaranteed LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers.

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