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Outdoor Lighting Suppliers|Classification of floodlights

August 13, 2022

Rotationally symmetrical shape: The lamp adopts a rotationally symmetrical reflector, and the axis of symmetry of the light source with rotationally symmetrical light distribution is installed along the axis of the reflector. The iso-intensity curves of such lamps are concentric circles. When this form of floodlight is illuminated by a single lamp, an elliptical light spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, and the illumination is uneven; but when illuminated by multiple lamps, the light spots are superimposed on each other, which can produce a satisfactory lighting effect. For example, hundreds of rotationally symmetrical floodlights are commonly used in stadiums, which are installed on high towers around the stadium to obtain high illumination and high uniformity lighting effects. Two symmetry: The iso-intensity curve of this type of floodlight has two symmetry planes. Most of the lamps use symmetrical cylindrical reflectors, and the linear light sources are installed along the axis of the cylindrical surface. One symmetry: The iso-intensity curve of the luminaire has only one plane of symmetry. The luminaire uses a lattice of light added by asymmetric cylindrical reflectors or symmetrical cylindrical reflectors. The most typical is the sharp cut-off block retraction light distribution. This kind of light intensity distribution single lamp can obtain a relatively satisfactory illuminance distribution. Asymmetrical shape: The iso-intensity curve of this type of luminaire has no plane of symmetry. It mainly adopts mixed light lamps of different types of light sources with large differences in light intensity distribution and special lamps designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the place of use.

The development of floodlights:

Floodlights can be installed and used individually, or multiple lights can be combined and installed on a pole of more than 20m to form a high-pole lighting device. In addition to the beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, and reduction of light poles and floor space, the biggest advantage of this device is its strong lighting function. When the light is projected from a high place, the spatial brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, giving people a feeling similar to daytime, so it has higher lighting quality and visual effects. In order to meet the highest safety performance requirements for outdoor use, the enclosure protection level of the floodlight should be open. In order to improve the durability of lamps and reduce maintenance workload, people pay more and more attention to the development of closed-type floodlights with high one-time investment costs, and their shell protection level is P55. In order to further improve the light output ratio of lamps, the reflectors tend to use block plate reflectors that are conducive to reducing the light blocking of light sources and multi-focus reflectors that meet special lighting requirements; the surface treatment of the reflective surface tends to use new materials and new processes. to obtain a reflectance of over 96%. In order to reduce the weight of lamps and reduce the consumption of metal materials, lamp housings will be developed in the direction of plastic housings with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and anti-aging.


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