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What should be paid attention to in the installation of industrial and mining lamps?

September 06, 2022

In order to ensure the smooth progress of workers' production and inspection work, it is necessary to configure corresponding lighting fixtures in the workshop to meet the light requirements of workers' work. Before installation, the integrity of the LED high bay light and the completeness of accessories must be checked. When installing LED high bay lights, the installer must be required to hold a professional electrician certificate, so as to avoid installation errors and damage to the LED high bay lights. The wiring on the LED high bay light can be passed through the drilled hole and the wiring behind the lamp can be fixed with wire clips, to ensure that the fixing is firm. Make sure that the power cord of the LED high bay light has sufficient length, and do not suffer from tension or tangential force. When installing the connection of the LED high bay light, avoid excessive pulling force, do not make the connection knot, and pay attention to distinguish the output connection. Do not Confused with other lamps. The distance between the LED high bay light and flammable materials should be at least 0.2m, and the zenith to be installed should have a gap of 2 cm high. The LED high bay light cannot be installed inside the ceiling, or on the wall with heat source, pay attention to low pressure Route it separately from high-voltage electrical connections. After the LED high bay light is installed, it is necessary to conduct a power-on test. If some LED high bay light cannot be lit, it is necessary to check the circuit or LED high bay light. The work is over.


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