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August 30, 2022

LED floodlights are widely used in practical applications. Its design principle is the same as that of traditional floodlights. It projects a certain place by controlling the round head and square head of the beam angle, but it is different from traditional floodlights. There are also different places in the lamps and lanterns, that is, the LED flood light source is relatively thin, and its larger bright spot is linear projection. So for the LED flood light, let me introduce its highlights.


1. Precise beam

 A relatively good quality LED floodlight will have a high-purity rate reflector, which will make its reflection effect better. The narrow angle and the symmetry of the light distribution system will also result in a precise beam, which is also useful in adjusting the angle of illumination. relatively flexible. Make beam projection more accurate.


2. Long service life

For LED floodlights, one way to distinguish it is its tolerance, whether it can be used well in various special high-temperature environments, and whether it can solve the problem that the power of semiconductor electric light sources in the lighting field is too low or The problem of insufficient brightness shows the ultra-long service life and ultra-high brightness characteristics. In practical applications, it has the meaning of environmental protection and energy saving.


3. There is no radiation hazard to the human body

Now many lighting products will have a certain amount of radiation, so many people will worry about this problem, which is directly related to human health. The illuminated object will not cause certain damage. At the same time, its beam is relatively accurate and can be used as a substitute for fiber optic lighting. It is a better choice for many commercial and entertainment venues. Everyone can use it with confidence, and it also plays a certain decorative role.


For LED flood lights, it can be well combined with city streets and some places, and can be practical in a place that needs to be illuminated. It is more flexible to apply, and can be applied in more places.


Several highlights, after knowing, in the application process, give full play to its advantages, more favored by people.


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