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January 01, 2023

What are the advantages of LED industrial and mining lights?

Warehouse managers might not pay much attention to their overhead lighting: if they could see clearly enough, they might think the lighting was doing all it could and should be doing.

But high-quality lighting in commercial and industrial spaces offers more than just energy savings.

Lighting affects operational efficiency as well as worker morale and productivity. Insufficient lighting can pose serious safety concerns. This is especially true if the warehouse is lit by outdated incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Upgrading to LED high bay lighting in particular can have a major impact on warehouses.

Let's take a look at the top five benefits for you to consider

Benefit #1: Energy Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most important advantages LED high bays offer over older types of lighting is their lower energy consumption. LED high bays require only a fraction of the power of traditional light bulbs and can provide quick and significant savings on utility costs.

For owners and managers of larger commercial buildings, it is easy to see the potential for energy savings in replacing a large number of fixtures.

Additionally, replacing old luminaires with LED high bay luminaires has the added benefit of contributing to the environmental friendliness of the facility by reducing the consumption of natural resources and the emissions produced. This is a high priority for many company stakeholders and clients and can enhance the company's reputation in the market.

Another benefit of using LED high bay lights is that LED high bay lights generate less heat than traditional lights. This makes it easier for large facilities to stay cool in the summer months—another way LED high bays can make businesses more energy efficient.

Benefit #2: Simple Installation and Maintenance

Before you hesitate to replace all your LED high bay light fixtures, you should know that the LED high bay light installation process is designed to be simple and quick. This means you get the benefits of upgrading without downtime. The LED high bay light fixtures we provide at Kemeilai have the following time-saving features:

• They require fewer tools . This means that for the installer, the process is quick, straightforward and ergonomically easy to start. This reduces the amount of time warehouse space is unavailable.

• They are designed with installation in mind. For example, Camry's highbay fixtures have a 10-foot power cord so installers can use the spare cord on the fixture instead of having to source and deal with additional cords.

· They come with clear instructions. Clear, simple, and well-written installation instructions are included with every Kemelai light fixture, complete with illustrations that actually help!

The time savings don't stop after installation is over. Using LED high bay lights for warehouse lighting greatly reduces maintenance work.

Replacing a burned out light bulb at home is not a huge undertaking. But that changes when the bulb is 50 feet above your head and requires a lift and dedicated maintenance crew time to replace it. If an area cannot be used until the lights come back on, normal business will be disrupted.

This is another reason why LED high bay lights make sense in large industrial spaces. Their typical lifetime is up to 100,000 hours - that's over 11 years! This means you won't spend as much time or money replacing bulbs. The math can add up quickly when you factor in the square footage lit up and the man-hours required for each replacement.

Benefit #3: Better Lighting for Safety and Productivity

The safety advantages of LED high bay lights are significant. Tough areas such as aisles, staircases, walkways and high-traffic corners can be kept brightly lit to avoid collisions and aid in navigation as workers navigate the warehouse.

Most LED high bay light fixtures produce cool white light that is closer to natural daylight than other bulbs. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for work environments. The cold light from LED high bays provides greater contrast to help workers see differences in what they are working on, such as the difference between black and navy blue. In a warehouse environment, this could mean filling orders more accurately or correctly identifying parts.

The quality of light in a workspace can affect employee productivity. LED high bay lights are less likely to cause eye strain, which can lead to headaches and fatigue. Additionally, working in a well-lit space makes employees feel more energized and satisfied with their environment.

Benefit 4: Modern Technology

LED high bay light fixtures are smart...really! They can be equipped with technical features that respond to the use of the space and compound the energy savings you can achieve.

Occupancy sensors turn on lights only when needed. In large warehouses, this can be a great benefit. Because LED high bays don't have the warm-up or restart time of fluorescent lights, the lights will come on instantly and will turn off after a fixed period of inactivity in the space.

Also, consider workers on forklifts. You don't want them having to leave the machine to turn lights on and off or drive into areas that haven't been lit. Unlike motion sensors, occupancy sensors can also distinguish between repetitive motion (such as machinery or fans) and people.

Benefit #5: More durable

A warehouse is a rugged environment where heavy machinery is often used. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED high bays are durable enough to withstand the abuse of a busy workplace. Because they are harder to break or break, accidents are less likely to render LED high bay lighting fixtures unusable.

Even so, most of Sunshinelux's LED high bay lights come with a 5 -year warranty. . Longer-lasting products ensure you get more time between bulb changes, more productivity and more savings.


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