Introduction to the structure of LED floodlights, and why does fog appear?

December 19, 2022

First of all, let's understand the overall structure of the LED floodlight. The overall structure of the LED floodlight is that the inside is a power supply, and the outside is a layer of glass. There will be a rubber sealing ring between the lamp body and the glass, and the inside is a cavity. And outside is air. Generally speaking, the inlet wire and the sealing rubber ring are relatively easy for water to enter, but when it reaches a certain level of dustproof and waterproof, it means that it has good waterproof ability, so under normal circumstances, water cannot enter. of. Even if it is used outdoors, it has corresponding waterproof performance.

So why does the led flood light appear water mist? Outdoor LED floodlights are generally high-power lamps. When the LED floodlights start to work, they will start to heat up, and the air inside the lamps will expand. At this time, it will form pressure on the rubber ring, and the air will run out; then after the light is turned off, the air pressure inside will be reduced, so the outside air will be pressed in reversely. In addition to the air coming in, water vapor will also come in, and it will be repeated after work, and the water in the lamp may accumulate more and more.

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