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When and How to Choose LED High Bay Lights/ip65 led flood light

February 07, 2023

When looking for the right solution for your lighting solution, you can always get a huge collection of lighting fixtures. But which type of lighting you choose depends on the space or location where you want to install the lighting system.

You can always choose large or small lighting solutions with different functions for office and residential lighting systems. However, for large spaces or venues such as garages, warehouses, warehouses, large gymnasiums with high ceilings, you need to look for the right high bay lighting solution. Not just any high bay lights, but you should specifically be using LED high bay lights instead of fluorescent lights.

Spaces with high ceilings require high bay lighting systems for general lighting. Not only is it an excellent solution for prominent locations, but it also offers several advantages. This is the reason why high bay lights occupy a dominant position in industrial lighting fixtures.

To give you peace of mind to use this lighting system, here are some favorable aspects compared to others.

● LED high bay lights require simple adjustments and extended life.

● Mercury-free, environmentally friendly.

● You can activate the LED high bay light immediately.

● High luminous efficiency and wide color temperature range.

Even though LED high bays are relatively beneficial for different purposes, you may still be wondering about their prices. There are many factors that affect the pricing system of this lamp, such as raw materials, product quality, workmanship, and brand. So, if you want to get low-cost, high-quality light fixtures like this in your large space, you should look for LED high bay lights for sale on lighting websites.

Having said that, by now we all know that places with high ceilings need high bay lights. But do you know how high the ceiling should be for high bay lighting fixtures?

When to Use LED High Bay Lights?

The only determining factor in whether to install high bay lights is the height of the ceiling. So if your space has ceiling heights of 20 feet or more, you should definitely install high bay lighting fixtures. You should not use ceiling-high lights or low-bay lights, as the lighting won't be widespread.

Likewise, you cannot use high bays in low ceiling heights as the brightness will be too large compared to the area. Instead, you can opt to use inexpensive LED lights that don't over-illuminate or a suitable low-bay lighting fixture.

It can be seen that the common areas where high bay lights are used are factories and assembly plants, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, warehouses, exhibition halls, toll stations, parks and other outdoor areas. Simply put, any location with a ceiling height over 20 feet requires a high bay lighting fixture. However, which type of high bay light you should use depends on the location and its purpose.

To further allay this concern, let's take a look at how to choose the perfect LED high bay light for your location's needs.

How to choose LED industrial and mining lights?

● Check the ceiling height at your location.

The main thing you should check before looking for the right LED high bay light is the ceiling height of your desired space. If your ceiling is 20 feet or more from the floor, it means the ceiling is high enough to install a high bay lighting system. If it is lower than this, you can simply install standard light fixtures.

● Identify the type of high bay light.

There are various types of high bay lights on the market, and they offer different functions and fixtures. So when you're shopping for an overhead light fixture, be sure to double-check the type of light fixture it has. You may have made the mistake of buying a regular light fixture that doesn't have enough lumens to light the entire space, or the reflector doesn't fit the design of the area.

● Calculate the lumen output of LED high bay lights.

Lumen output determines the brightness of a high bay luminaire. Fixtures with a high lumen count provide brighter light and proper lighting for the entire area. And since you're using high bays, the fixture must have a high lumen output in terms of ceiling height.

● Consider looking for different light fixture types depending on the location.

You can now find a wide variety of high bay fixture designs in the lighting industry. Few of the range of luminaires available are recessed domes, mounted explosion proofs, recessed recesses and more. So when choosing the right LED highbay lighting fixture, make sure it creates the preferred outcome for your space.

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