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What are the installation methods of LED floodlights?|Sunshinelux

December 16, 2022

LED Flood Light, also known as LED Flood Light, LED Spotlight, LED Projector Light. Many people don't know how to install and use it after buying it, please refer to the steps below.

First, before installing LED floodlights, in order to ensure the quality of use after installation, it is recommended to conduct a detailed inspection of the floodlights on site before installation to see if the appearance of the LED floodlights is damaged and whether the accessories are complete. How about after-sales service, etc., each item must be carefully checked.

Second, after the appearance is undamaged and the accessories are complete, the LED floodlights need to be ready for installation after arriving at the construction site. First, organize the installers according to the installation drawings attached to the factory, and first connect a few floodlights to try to install the drawings correctly. Whether or not, if conditions allow, one person can be arranged to test the lights one by one, so as to avoid having to disassemble the broken ones after they are installed upstairs, so as to reduce labor costs.

The third is to remind the installers of the importance of fixing and wiring, especially the waterproof of outdoor wiring is very important, it is best to review it when fixing and wiring.

Fourth, after the LED floodlight is fixed and connected, when it is ready to be tested, it is best to use a multimeter on the main power supply to check whether there is a short circuit caused by wrong wiring.

Fifth, after all the LED floodlights have been tested and turned on, try to brighten them for a period of time, and then check again the next day and the third day. After doing this, everything is good, and there will be no problems later up.


1. Please read the instruction manual of the LED flood light carefully before use.

2. Non-professional technicians, please do not repair or modify the product without authorization.

3. Please turn off the power before installation to avoid electric shock due to improper operation.

4. Before installation, please check whether the voltage marked on the floodlight is consistent with the input voltage to be connected, so as not to damage the LED floodlight.

5. If you find that the wires of the lamp body are damaged, please cut off the power immediately and stop using it.

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