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August 10, 2022

With the rise of the lighting industry and the improvement of people's living standards, lamps are no longer a simple lighting tool. Today's lamps and lanterns have been popularized in all walks of life, playing various roles, such as medical lamps, Decorative lamps, industrial lamps, etc.


Of course, while the lamp is widely used, many problems about the lamp also begin to appear, such as heat dissipation, waterproof, protection in structure; illuminance, light angle, brightness, UGR, etc. in light effect.


Today we are going to talk about UGR.


What is UGR? I believe this is no stranger to industry veterans. Especially at the stage of fighting for UGR, many engineers sacrificed their beautiful long hair for this. Although many people are not unfamiliar with this, it is still necessary for newcomers to the industry to understand.


Disabling glare is glare that reduces visual efficacy and visibility, and it is often accompanied by discomfort. It is mainly caused by the stray light of the high-brightness light source in the field of view entering the eye and scattering in the eyeball, which reduces the clarity and contrast of the object image on the retina. Disabling glare is measured by the ratio of a job's visibility under a given lighting facility to its visibility under reference lighting conditions, called the Disabling Glare Factor (DGF).


Diseomfort glare, also known as "psychological glare", refers to glare that causes visual discomfort but does not reduce visibility.


The above two kinds of glare are the so-called UGR (Unified Glare Rating), that is, the unified glare value, which is one of the main contents of lighting quality evaluation in lighting design. These two kinds of glare can appear at the same time or singly. The same UGR is not only a visual problem, but also a problem in design and application. Now let's talk about how to reduce the UGR as much as possible in actual operation. within the comfort value.


1. Design first


I believe that people who have contacted lamps know that general lamps are composed of shells, power sources, light sources, lenses or glass. In the early stage of design, there are many methods to control the UGR value, such as controlling the brightness of the light source, or making the lens and glass. Anti-glare design, as shown below:


2, or a design problem


Within the industry, it is unanimously agreed that there is no UGR if the general lamps meet the following conditions:


①VCP (Visual Comfort Probability)≥70;

②When viewed indoors vertically or horizontally, the ratio of the maximum lamp brightness (the brightest 6.5cm²) to the average lamp brightness at angles of 45°, 55°, 65°, 75° and 85° from the vertical line is ≤ 5:1;

③ To avoid uncomfortable glare, the maximum brightness of the lamps and the vertical line at each angle listed in the table should not exceed the provisions of the following table when viewed vertically or horizontally:


3. The method of controlling UGR later


①Avoid installing lamps in the interference area;

②Use low-gloss surface decoration materials;

③ Limit the brightness of lamps.


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