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China outdoor led flood light|Advantages of LED solar street lights

August 18, 2022

 The principle of solar street light: it is a solar street light, garden light, outdoor light, etc. lamp.


The solar street light perfectly fulfills various functional requirements such as low power consumption and high brightness (an average power consumption of 5W can reach the illuminance of 100W power consumption of traditional lighting products), long-life digital protection and excellent waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics. The advantage of solar street lights is that the installation is simple and the weight is simple, which saves customers expensive installation and regulation, as well as product transportation costs.


Generally, it only takes two workers and a special wrench to complete the installation in 5-10 minutes without the use of heavy equipment and tools. What are the advantages of the product, please see the following: integrated planning, make full use of solar energy resources, compact, fashionable, simple, extremely convenient installation, lamp posts are adapted to local conditions, only need to use 4 screws to fix the hoop and the product to the outside for drying Sunlight walls, light poles, tree trunks are enough.


  Sunshinelux Lighting uses new environmental protection component materials, aviation-grade aluminum anode sandblasting treatment, green environmental protection and no pollution; environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery, long life (average life span of more than 5 years, the battery can be replaced), charging for 6 hours Continuous lighting for 5 days; high-power and high-brightness LED, no light decay, no flicker, no radiation; choose solar power, green power, low carbon and environmental protection, invent green earth, start from me.


We all know that solar energy is a renewable resource and a very environmentally friendly energy source. With the advancement of technology, people can already use this resource in all aspects of life. Solar street lights are the use of solar energy resources. It passes through the light panel, absorbs sunlight, and stores it in the battery. At night, it is released to provide energy for lighting. It does not require other equipment such as cables, all accessories are integrated and can only be controlled. It can be said that material resources and labor are saved to a large extent.


At the same time, the service life of solar street lights is very long. The LED lights it uses are basically 60 times longer than incandescent lamps. At the same time, it is also very power-saving. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only one-tenth of that of ordinary lighting. Therefore, choosing such a lighting method can effectively save costs to a large extent. Solar energy is also a cyclic energy source, which can be said to be inexhaustible. If the device is always in good condition, then the street light can be used all the time, which is a huge profit device.


The safety of solar street lights is also particularly high. Traditional lighting requires power generation to provide energy. However, these lines have a particularly large amount of electricity, and if they are touched, they may cause harm to the human body. This is a very big hidden danger for maintenance, or for passers-by. However, this lighting does not have so many complicated equipment, and the power is very low, about 18 to 24 volts, even if it is touched by the human body, it will not cause harm. At the same time, it does not generate noise and radiation, and is a very environmentally friendly energy source.

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