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How to wire led flood light? What should be paid attention to during installation?

January 04, 2023

Most people don't know how to wire the LED floodlights. When the LED floodlights are bought, they have to consider the installation. Wiring is definitely the most important part of all installation steps. How to wire the led flood light, the following editor will introduce it to you.

How to connect led flood light

Under normal circumstances, the spotlight has three wires, which are blue, brown and yellow-green. When wiring the LED floodlights, connect the blue wire and the brown wire to the live wire and the leading wire respectively, regardless of polarity. After connecting, there is a yellow wire left, and there is a trace of green on this wire, also often called yellow rolling green, which is the ground wire. Generally, connecting the ground wire can lead the current to the bottom, and it can play a certain protective role when the electrical equipment leaks or the voltage is too high. If there is a ground wire, it is best to connect it. If there is no ground wire, you need to take waterproof and leakage measures.

Precautions for installation of led flood light

1. The power supply of led floodlights is high-voltage alternating current. When installing, pay attention to keeping away from places that are easily accessible by people, and do a good job of grounding the lamps to avoid electric shock accidents.

2. The power of led floodlights is relatively high. When wiring, the installer should choose the appropriate power cord according to the actual power of the lamps used, and supply power in phases, so as not to affect the normal use of the floodlights.

3. The location where the floodlight is installed must be able to bear the weight of the floodlight. Its bearing capacity is preferably more than 10% of the weight of the floodlight, so as to ensure that the lamp is installed firmly and avoid unnecessary danger caused by falling in the future.

4. The working environment temperature of led floodlights should be between -25°C~+45°C, so it should be avoided to use the floodlights in an environment higher than 45°, so as to avoid the situation that the floodlights cannot be used normally .

After reading the introduction above, have you already learned how to wire LED floodlights?

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