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August 24, 2022

Six main reasons and ultimate solutions for LED lamps to be slightly bright after turning off the lights at night. At this stage, LEDs have completely replaced halogen and fluorescent light sources due to their advantages of energy saving, high brightness and long life.


The excitation current of the LED light source is small, and it is quite sensitive to voltage and current. In use, it will cause induction light due to various complex reasons. Even after the light is turned off, it will emit a faint light, which affects normal sleep and accelerates the light decay of the lamp. It is generally caused by the following reasons:


1. The switch controls the neutral line.


This is a relatively common reason. The switch controls the zero line when the electrician is wiring, or the zero fire is reversed when the electric box enters the line. The switch controls the neutral wire, and the live wire is still connected to the lamp, and it will emit a faint light. Solution: Adjust the wiring so that the switch controls the live wire.


Second, the wrong connection method of the double-control switch


There are several wiring methods for the dual control switch. If the wrong wiring method is used, it will turn off the light and turn on slightly. Solution: Install the normal control live wire connection and rewire.


3. The switch has an indicator light and uses an electronic switch


There is an indicator light inside the switch, and a slight current will flow after the light is turned off. If the lamps use electronic switches, such as infrared, voice control, remote control switches. There is also a shimmering phenomenon when the lights are turned off.


Solution 1: Change the switch.


Solution 2: Connect a 500K resistor in parallel at the incoming line of the lamp. However, this method has high technical requirements and is not easy for non-professionals to operate. And it is invalid for the zero line charging, or the shimmer caused by the leakage of the patch.


Fourth, non-isolated drive, light source patch and substrate leakage


Many lamps are driven by inferior resistance-capacitor step-down due to cost considerations, or the quality of the light source patch is poor, and there is leakage of the patch and the substrate. Substrate copper cladding and substrate capacitance effects can also cause light leakage. This is why in a room, the lights are on and off. Solution: Change lamps and fight luck.


5. The neutral line is electrified. In fact, the neutral line is electrified, which is the most fundamental reason for the light to glow after the light is turned off.


If the switch controls the live wire, using an ordinary wall switch, or lighting, the neutral wire is live. Neutral charging is a very common phenomenon. If the neutral line is not well grounded, the three-phase load of the transformer is unbalanced, the line is too long, the line diameter is thin, or the neutral line current is too large, the neutral line will be charged.


Solution: re-ground the zero line or carry out low-voltage transformation.


6. Finally, a simple and effective solution is recommended, that is, the use of LED lamp protectors, which can completely solve various reasons for shimmering.


Connect the protector to the lamp, after the lamp is turned off, the connection between the lamp and the mains will be disconnected. Even if the zero line is charged, the patch leaks, and the switch is connected incorrectly, no current will be conducted to the lamp.


The above are the most common reasons and solutions for lighting after turning off the lights, I hope it can be helpful to you.


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