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August 17, 2022

LED light source lamp stroboscopic test method


The easiest way is to shake the five fingers of the hand apart and left and right under the light. If the light is not continuous, you can see that the fingers seem to be motionless at a certain shaking speed, which is also the principle of flash speed measurement (rotation speed measurement). .


Using the photosensitive tube to connect the oscilloscope to observe the received output waveform of the light can also directly see whether the light fluctuates and its frequency;


When the exposure speed of the camera is faster than the stroboscopic speed of the light source of the light source, the camera flash is not used to shoot the object illuminated by the light source of the light source. When the brightness of the object changes when the object at the same position is photographed multiple times, it can be used as the basis for the influence of the intensity of the illumination light. , but when the shutter speed of general cameras and mobile phones is greater than 1/50 second, it cannot be distinguished under ordinary fluorescent lighting (light source with stroboscopic light);


The "gyro tester" measures whether the light source changes at a certain frequency. It makes sense. In fact, it is to use a gyro with a mark on it, let it rotate at high speed under the light until it stops slowly, and observe the mark above. During the rotation process When you can see a clear sign, the light source flashes at a certain frequency, which is the same as finger detection. You can know it by turning the top under ordinary incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.


The above are the reasons for the stroboscopic LED lamps, the solutions and test methods for the stroboscopic LED light source, edited by Panke Technology, to provide more high-quality LED light source lamps, welcome to consult.


Causes of stroboscopic flickering of led lamps


What is the reason for the strobe of LED lamps? This is related to the driver. If it is a good quality product, the driver uses a constant current circuit to isolate the DC voltage output. The LED light source emits very stable light without stroboscopic. What is the reason for the stroboscopic LED lamps? There are some products with poor quality on the market. They directly use the mains power to limit the current through capacitors in series, and double the voltage to output. There are about 5 components. In this way, the LED not only has stroboscopic but also is charged. When you buy it, cover the LED with a piece of translucent paper to see if there is stroboscopic. It is very dazzling to look at directly, but it can also be seen that do not buy products with stroboscopic, it is easy to break.

LED light source stroboscopic cause solution


1. The LED lamp beads do not match the LED drive power supply. Normally, a single 1W lamp bead withstands current: 280-300mA, and voltage: 3.0-3.4V. If the lamp bead chip is not sufficiently powerful, it will cause the light source to flicker. If the current is too high, the lamp bead will turn on and off. In serious cases, the gold wire or copper wire built into the lamp bead will be blown, causing the lamp bead to not light up.


2. It may be that the driving power supply is broken, as long as you replace it with another good driving power supply, it will stop flashing.


3. If the driver has an over-temperature protection function, and the heat dissipation performance of the material of the lamp cannot meet the requirements, the over-temperature protection of the driver will flash and disappear when it starts to work. This will happen if the cooling work is not done well.


4. If the outdoor lamps also flicker on and off, it means that the lamps have entered the water. The result is that it flashes and does not light up. The lamp bead and the driver are broken. If the driver is waterproof, just break the lamp bead and replace the light source.


Professional data shows that light source stroboscopic is essentially the light emitted by the light source showing a certain frequency and period of change over time, and changes with time between different brightness and color. Simply put, the light emitted by the light source fluctuates at a certain frequency. So what is the reason for the strobe of the led lamp, and whether it is caused by the damage of the lamp, let's learn the solution to the cause of the strobe of the led lamp. First of all, we will understand the reason for the strobe of the led lamp.


Stroboscopic can cause varying degrees of impact on human health. According to professionals, light source stroboscopic light is closely related to neurological diseases such as migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue and discomfort. In serious cases, it will cause delusions to the human eye and cause accidents.


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