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How to choose LED camping lights for outdoor camping ?

February 08, 2023

Whether you are engaged in camping activities or power outages without warning, LED camping lights are an indispensable helper; in addition to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incomplete combustion, the feature of instant use is also very convenient. However, there are so many different types of LED camping lights on the market that, in addition to being very different in brightness and power supply, have so many waterproof or other extra features that it can be difficult to choose.

This time, we will introduce some small details that you need to pay attention to when choosing LED camping lights.

LED camping lights provide lighting inside and outside the tent.

Compared with commodities that use gas or kerosene, LED camping lights can not only adjust the brightness freely, but also can keep running for a long time as long as it is fully charged. In addition, since the tent is a semi-enclosed space and the material is flammable polyester fiber, it is dangerous to use an open flame. At this time, as long as you use LED products, you can ensure safety, whether it is to illuminate the interior of the tent or as an alternative lighting, it is very convenient.

In addition, there are warm yellow styles on the market, which are also very attractive to those who like the color temperature of traditional kerosene lamps. If you want to consider safety, brightness and long-life lighting fixtures, it is highly recommended to buy LED camping lights.


Key points for buying LED camping lights.

Choose the appropriate brightness according to the application.

The brightness unit of LED camping lights is usually marked in lumens, and the larger the value, the higher the brightness. But because the high brightness style also consumes more electricity , choose the right product according to your personal habits and usage.

1. The main light is based on 1000 lumens, and more than one can be carried if necessary.

If you want to use LED camping lights as the main light source in camping or outdoor activities, it is recommended to choose high-brightness products with about 1000 lumens (about equal to the 80W brightness of general bulbs). However, since the brightness of traditional gas or kerosene lamps is about 100~250W, users who are used to gas lamps may feel that LED light sources are relatively dim, and more light sources need to be installed to achieve the same brightness. Therefore, it is recommended to confirm the desired brightness before selection, so as to make the best choice according to the needs.

2. The auxiliary lighting is 150~300 lumens.

lamp as auxiliary lighting in the tent , it is enough to choose a style with 150~300 lumens, and its brightness may be equivalent to a 25W general bulb. Although it is dimmer than the main light , it can effectively reduce the problem of excessive light and glare in the tent. In addition, there are many light-oriented insects at night. In order to avoid disturbance when camping, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a slightly lower brightness.

3.100 lumens can be used as a portable light.

When you want to use the tent to go to the bathroom or travel at night, because too bright lights may make the eyes that have adapted to the dark uncomfortable, so you can use 100 lumens (generally the brightness of the bulb is about 10~15W) to illuminate your feet environment of.

Since it needs to be carried with you, in addition to confirming whether the weight is light, its shape and grip comfort are also the focus of purchase. Among this kind of LED lights, there are retro-shaped handheld lights, which can create a more unique entertainment atmosphere; in addition, some main lights also have auxiliary lights that operate independently. If you are looking for convenience, you may wish to refer to it.

Continuous lighting is recommended for more than 4 hours.

The spec sheet for an LED camping light will state the maximum amount of time it can be used continuously, with values depending on brightness and battery size. It is recommended to choose commodities that can run for a long time. When evaluating electricity consumption, outdoor lights can be judged based on the benchmark of 4-5 hours in summer and 6-7 hours in winter; however, disaster prevention LED lights are recommended to last at least 1-2 weeks, and must be selected separately from outdoor lights when purchasing.

Choose products that support multiple power delivery methods.

Since there are more than one power supply methods for LED camping lights, it is recommended to pay attention to relevant information when choosing, and purchase corresponding products according to individual needs and purposes.

1. Recommended rechargeable, external battery style.

LED camping lights come in many simple battery operated styles. While swapping out is easy, it can add to luggage weight or running costs due to the need to carry extra spare batteries. Therefore, it is recommended to choose rechargeable or battery-installed products, so that the battery can be used as a backup power source during the charging process, and there is no need to worry about the lamp suddenly running out of power and falling into darkness.

In addition, there are many items that can be charged directly through the USB port. As long as it is equipped with a power bank, it can provide long-term lighting, which is more practical for outdoor activities across the day.

2. It can be charged by solar energy or manually.

many different ways to charge LED camping lights besides the basic way of powering them. For example, some lights are equipped with solar panels, allowing users to charge in the sun; there are also squeeze or manual powered types, even if they cannot be charged temporarily or have no batteries, as long as they use this camping light, they can easily participate in nighttime activities.

Watch out for dimmable, tinted products.

White light, which clearly illuminates the surroundings, and yellow light, which creates a warm atmosphere, serve different purposes. If the LED camping lights can adjust the color temperature according to the situation, they can freely respond to most occasions. In addition, there are products on the market that can adjust the light intensity. As long as the light is weakened when strong lighting is not required, the effect of saving power and extending operating time can be achieved. Therefore, it is recommended to confirm these specifications and functions when choosing lamps, which can bring greater flexibility and convenience.


Waterproof performance: more than IPX5 is more assured.

If LED camping lights are often used outdoors or in water areas, it is generally recommended to choose products with a waterproof level above IPX5 to be safer. Among them, the complete waterproof style with IPX7 and IPX8 certification is more complete, because these lights can work normally even in water, which is very suitable for emergency lighting during disaster prevention. If you just want to use lights at home and other places, the product can also be used normally in rainy days with IPX4 life waterproof rating.

A multipurpose item that can be hung and held in hand is recommended.

The most commonly used holding methods for LED camping lights include hand-held, hanging and standing upright on a flat place, and some products have multiple usage methods at the same time. In order to improve the versatility of camping lights, it is generally recommended to purchase three holding methods; even if the budget is limited, it is recommended to choose at least two products according to the purpose.

For example, in outdoor activities, you can choose composite chandeliers and upright camping lights to avoid uneven sites and cannot be placed on the ground; for disaster prevention, it is recommended to choose handheld and upright products to ensure that mobility is not affected during evacuation.

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