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September 01, 2022

Nowadays, glass has received more and more attention and favor from consumers. With the continuous expansion of market demand, there are more and more types of glass, such as frosted glass, hot-melt glass, stained glass and other artistic glass with strong decorative effects. There are also various functional glass, such as laminated glass for sound insulation and noise reduction, insulating glass and fireproof glass for heat insulation and flame retardant. Among them, tempered glass is favored by people. Careful friends can notice that many of the glass of doors and windows, car glass, etc. are used tempered glass. So how to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass? What are the characteristics of tempered glass? Let's take a look together.


1. What is tempered glass? What is the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass? Tempered glass is a glass after heat treatment, which is characterized by the formation of a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass, the mechanical strength and thermal shock strength are improved, and it has a special fragmentation state. The load-bearing capacity of tempered glass is about five times that of ordinary glass, but like other kinds of glass, it will shatter when affected by external forces such as bumps, scratches, etc. The edge of the tempered glass is the most sensitive and weakest part to external force. When the tempered glass is broken, it will make a loud noise, and the fragments will be granular and scattered everywhere. The shards of tempered glass will not have obvious sharp angles. Ordinary glass shatters into sharp shards that can cause serious injury.


Why does tempered glass self-explode? Due to the influence of external force during transportation, handling or use, tempered glass products have a certain probability of self-explosion and breaking. There is compressive stress on the surface of tempered glass and tensile stress inside. Once local damage occurs due to the influence of external force, the stress will be released, and the result is that the tempered glass is broken.


Second, how to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass from the appearance, there is no obvious difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass in appearance, but with the help of some means and tools, it can be distinguished without destroying the glass. Due to the existence of stress on the surface of tempered glass, when the light is good, stress spots and colored stripes will be seen from certain angles, which is a relatively simple method to distinguish. If the light is weak, you can also use polarizers to help you see more clearly and easily. Many glasses and lenses use polarizers, you can use them to help.


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