China flood light led factories|Analysis and optimization scheme of heat dissipation performance of high-power LED lamps

August 25, 2022

The heat dissipation performance of high-power LED lamps is mainly completed by optimizing the heat dissipation structure and heat dissipation materials. In the design process of LED lights, the specific working environment must be considered, the optimal heat dissipation materials must be selected, and simulation experiments should be done at the same time to adjust the structure of the LED lights to ensure the high performance of heat dissipation of the LED lights.

Analysis and optimization scheme of heat dissipation performance of high-power LED lamps:


1. Optimization of heat dissipation structure


The optimization of the heat dissipation structure of high-power LED lamps should first optimize the fin structure. According to the data and results of the simulation model, the height and length of the fins are analyzed. Within the range of 0.11m, the heat dissipation performance within this range is the best, and it can be further divided within the range of 0.05-0.11m. Generally speaking, within the range of 0.071-0.11m, when the fin height reaches this height, The chip temperature tends to be flat, and in the range of 0.05-0.07m, when the fin height is within this range, the chip temperature fluctuates greatly, so the height range of the fin should be controlled to obtain higher chip heat dissipation performance . In addition, in terms of fin length, the most suitable range is 0.03-0.12m, which is also the first choice for the fin length of high-power LEDs.


On the other hand, the gaps and through holes are the connection channels of the light source area of the LED lamp, and the LED substrate is the place with the highest temperature in the whole lamp. The substrate, and the other excess heat is mainly removed through the heat sink channel, so that according to the specific conditions of the high-power LED lamp, the internal structure and modules of the LED lamp can be modified to find and measure the optimal solution. Realize the data statistics of heat distribution, so as to formulate the parameters of gaps and through holes according to the actual situation, and the number of fins is generally set according to 12-16 pieces, mainly the maximum heat dissipation value of the fins is calculated, and the combination of fins is used to calculate The maximum value of heat dissipation is improved by the way of setting and spacing, and the high performance of fin heat dissipation can be achieved at one time.


2. Material selection


The selection of LED lamp materials is very important. It is necessary to analyze the working environment and heat dissipation requirements of high-power LED lamps, and constantly expand new high-performance heat dissipation materials. At present, the heat dissipation materials of high-power LED lamps are mainly silver, aluminum, and aluminum alloys, supplemented by other new materials. First of all, traditional materials such as silver, aluminum, and aluminum alloys are relatively cost-effective, so they are widely used in the market. Traditional heat dissipation materials mainly have differences in thermal conductivity, and thermal conductivity is positively correlated with heat dissipation and conduction efficiency. According to the thermal conductivity of mine clearance, silver has the highest thermal conductivity, which determines that it can effectively reduce the surface thermal resistance and improve the overall thermal conductivity. Insufficient performance and hardness, so at present, aluminum, aluminum alloy and copper are the main materials for high-power LEDs. Existing LEDs usually use aluminum as the main material for heat dissipation, and some copper will be added appropriately, which is relatively cost-effective. In addition, in recent years, the development of new LED heat dissipation materials has also been continuously improved, and new heat dissipation materials have also made great progress, further expanding the application of LED lamps in different working environments, such as MAP-05 heat dissipation material suitable for high temperature and low pressure. It is a good development direction. In addition, with the development of electronic equipment and changes in the working environment of high-power LED lamps, the performance and shape of heat-dissipating materials have been continuously innovated, and great progress has been made.


3. Performance optimization


The performance of high-power LED lamps must be optimized before design and production, and temperature experiments and data statistics must be done to design products with optimized performance in different working scenarios. In the test process, the performance optimization of high-power LED lamps must set the test environment, equipment, etc. according to the working performance, and find the optimal solution through the simulation test. The optimization result of the LED lamp in the best state can adjust the performance, and realize the optimization of performance through the adjustment of materials and structure. At present, high-power LED lights are designed with temperature tests to test the specific performance of the LED lights. Of course, the results of the test will have certain deviations, but the overall data distribution rules are not very different. If the data distribution rules are quite different, you need to Reflect on whether there are other problems in the simulation, such as the temperature is not constant, the voltage line is unstable, etc.

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