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About the stroboscopic problem of LED floodlights |Sunshinelux

January 12, 2023

Author: Yee
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With the advancement of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products produced by LED floodlight manufacturers have quickly won the favor of the market and consumers with their overwhelming advantages of low energy consumption and long life compared with traditional lighting. However, the stroboscopic problem of LED lighting products has not been "revolutionarily" solved. How to face it scientifically? This is still an unresolved problem.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the light environment of work and life, especially the problem of flicker in indoor lamps, which has attracted more and more attention. So, what exactly is stroboscopic LED lamps, what harm does stroboscopic to the human body, identify the misunderstanding of stroboscopic, how to solve the problem of stroboscopic lighting? Xiaobian will answer you one by one.

Where does the flickering come from?

Strobe refers to the depth of luminous flux fluctuations of LED light sources. The greater the luminous flux fluctuation depth of LED lamps, the more serious the stroboscopic. The size of the luminous flux fluctuation depth of the LED light source is directly related to the technical quality of the LED light source. Since traditional lamps are powered by alternating current, their luminance changes with the periodic change of alternating current. The strobe of LED lamps is formed by the change of light and shade, usually divided into two types: one is the change frequency below 100Hz, and the strobe at this time can be captured by the human eye; the other is the change frequency above 100Hz Yes, this strobe will not be seen.

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