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December 07, 2022

What are the applications of LED street lights?

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Application places of led street lights

1. LED street lamps are mainly used in main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, city squares, courtyards and other road lighting;

2. The improvement of output power and luminous flux still needs to be further improved from the basic level of epitaxy technology and chip technology of high-power white light LED. In terms of secondary optical design, the radiation forms of LEDs include Lambertian, side-firing, batwing and spotlight. In the field of road lighting, Lambertian and batwing are more suitable according to design experience. Secondary optical design makes the illumination range and luminosity curve of LED meet the needs of road lighting;

3. The most common form of LEDs used in road lamps is mainly in the lamps. On an almost flat mounting surface (also a reflective surface), matrix LEDs are installed. This design method is impossible to get good results. The light distribution of the lamps and lanterns.


Advantages of led street lights

1. Its own characteristics - the unidirectionality of light, no light diffusion, ensuring the lighting efficiency;

2. The LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiates the light of the LED street lamp to the required lighting area, further improves the light efficiency, and achieves the purpose of energy saving;

3. LED has reached 110-130lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development, while the luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall light effect of LED street lights is stronger than that of high-pressure sodium lamps; (this The overall luminous efficiency is theoretical, in fact, the luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps above 250W is higher than that of LED lamps);

4. The light color rendering of LED street lamps is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 23, while the color rendering index of LED street lamps reaches more than 75. From the perspective of visual psychology, to achieve the same brightness, the average illuminance of LED street lamps can be It is more than 20% lower than high-pressure sodium lamps;

5. The light decay is small , the light decay is less than 3% in one year, and it still meets the road requirements after 10 years of use, while the high-pressure sodium light has a large decay , which has dropped by more than 30% in about one year. Therefore, the design of LED street lights in the use of power Can be lower than high pressure sodium lamps;

6. LED street lights have automatic control energy-saving devices, which can achieve the greatest possible power reduction and energy saving under the condition of meeting the lighting requirements of different periods, and can realize computer dimming, time-based control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection, etc. humanized function;

7. Long life: it can be used for more than 50,000 hours, and it provides three-year quality assurance. The shortcoming is that the life of the power supply cannot be guaranteed;

8. High luminous efficiency: using chips of ≥100LM, compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, it can save energy by more than 75%;

9. Easy installation: No need to add buried cables , no rectifiers, etc., directly install on the lamp pole or nest the light source into the original lamp housing;

10. Excellent heat dissipation control: the temperature is controlled below 45 degrees in summer, and passive heat dissipation is adopted, and the heat dissipation guarantee in summer is insufficient;

11. Reliable quality: all high-quality components are used in the circuit power supply, and each LED has its own over-current protection, so there is no need to worry about damage;

12. Uniform light color: no lens is added, and uniform light color is not sacrificed to increase brightness, so as to ensure uniform light color without aperture;

13. LED does not contain harmful metal mercury, and will not cause harm to the environment when it is scrapped.

Disadvantages of led street lights

1. The power of a single LED is low: in order to obtain high power, multiple LEDs need to be used in parallel;

2. Low color rendering: the color displayed under LED illumination is not as real as that of incandescent lamps, which should be analyzed from the perspective of spectral distribution, which is a technical problem;

3. Spot: due to the defects in the manufacturing process of white LED itself and the matching error with the reflective cup or lens, it is easy to cause the problem of "yellow circle";

4. The uniformity of LED illumination: If the secondary optical design is not carried out, the illumination of the LED is relatively concentrated, so the secondary optical design must be carried out to make the light intensity distribution map in the shape of a bat;

5. The problem of LED light decay : Compared with low-power LEDs, the light decay of high-power LED street lights will be much better, but the heat dissipation of low-power LEDs is very small, while high-power LEDs have problems that cannot be solved by heat dissipation, and The brightness will decrease significantly after heating, so the power cannot be increased. The largest Spark LED street light sold in the market is 360W.

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