What are the performance advantages and installation methods of LED industrial and mining lamps?

November 28, 2022

What are the performance advantages and installation methods of LED industrial and mining lamps?

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LED industrial and mining lights can be used in shipyards, mines, workshops, factories, warehouses, road toll stations, gas stations, exhibition halls, stadiums and other places that require industrial and mining lighting. There is a lot of knowledge about LED high bay lights. The following Hongfu Lighting introduces the eight performance advantages and five installation processes of LED high bay lights.

Eight performance advantages of LED industrial and mining lights

1. LED high bay lights have excellent waterproof performance and can be used reliably in various places;

2. It adopts imported chips and optimized LED packaging structure, which has the advantages of low light decay, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;

3. The key components of the power supply are also imported, which can ensure the service life of the lamp;

4. PC lenses are used for light distribution to meet the lighting needs of different occasions;

5. Use a transparent structure design to optimize the heat dissipation structure to ensure the service life of the lamp;

6. The lamp adopts an angle locking device, which can ensure that the angle will not change when working in a long-term vibration environment;

7. The lamp body is made of light alloy material, which has undergone special sealing and surface coating treatment to ensure that the lamp will not corrode or rust in harsh environments such as humidity and high temperature;

8. There are various installation methods such as seat type and suspension rod type.

Five major installation processes of LED industrial and mining lights

1. Before installation, the integrity of the LED high bay light and the completeness of accessories must be checked.

2. It must be required during installation that the installer has a professional electrician certificate.

3. The connection wires on the LED lamps can be drilled through the holes, and the wires passing through the back of the lamps can be fixed with wire clamps, and the fixation must be firm.

4. Make sure that the power cord of the lamp is of sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force.

5. Keep a distance between the product and flammable materials.

In short, after the installation is completed, a power-on test is required. If some lamps cannot be lit, it is necessary to check the circuit or lamp problems. After ensuring that all lamps are normally lit, the installation of the LED high bay light is considered complete.

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