Is it credible to use a mobile phone to test whether the lamp has stroboscopic flicker?

February 10, 2023

The "stroboscopic" problem of LED lights is one of the more concerned aspects of lighting. A media once reported that the "stroboscopic" problem of LED lights can cause headaches, eye fatigue, photosensitive epilepsy, and vision loss. question. However, under normal circumstances, we cannot detect whether there is "stroboscopic" with the naked eye. The host and related technicians demonstrated on the spot whether the LED light is qualified by using the mobile phone: start the mobile phone camera, point the camera at the light bulb of the LED light, if there are fluctuating stripes on the mobile phone screen, it means that there is a stroboscopic problem.

Is it reliable to use a mobile phone camera to detect it? : useful, but unscientific

It is reported that the CMOS photosensitive elements used in most mobile phones are progressive scan. That is to first store the light intensity sensed in the first line in the form of data, and then convert and store the second line and the third line...but conversion and storage take time, when the record is converted and stored in the second line Time, and in the super short time when the first row is switched to the second row, the brightness of the lamp has actually changed. By analogy, the brightness of each line is different when recording, but the brightness of the light changes periodically, so the phenomenon of light and dark textures in the final image is caused.

There is another factor that can also cause this phenomenon, that is, the shutter speed should be less than the light-dark cycle of the light bulb, that is, less than 1/50s.

As long as the shutter speed of the mobile phone is adjusted, the strobe effect can also be seen in the viewfinder.

In today's smartphones, the default camera app shutter time and other shooting parameters are automatically set according to the ambient brightness and the like. It is possible that by default now, the shutter time is longer than 1/50s.

So what is the strobe of the LED light?

In fact, LED lights are driven by DC in the laboratory, and there is no flickering problem in DC drive.

However, in practical applications, the driving power supply cannot achieve the desired effect, and the main problem lies in the constant current power supply. Analyze two situations:

1. Compatibility with external electrical appliances.

The main manifestations are: a. When used with an electronic transformer, it will affect the peripheral circuit characteristics of the constant current chip, resulting in unstable work. b. When used with a switch panel with an indicator light.

2. There is a problem with the LED lamp itself.

Main manifestations: a. The peripheral circuit design of the constant current circuit is unreasonable, which makes the chip work abnormally and causes flickering. b. The lamp works in a higher temperature environment, which makes the constant current chip appear short-term protection and cause stroboscopic flicker.

It can be seen that whether the strobe of LED products is qualified or not cannot be seen by taking a picture with the camera of a mobile phone. If you have to use a camera to test, it depends on the quality of your camera.

Is there an authoritative scientific test method? Perhaps there is only a professional tester. In order to meet the conditions of stroboscopic measurement, the most used instrument is a photometer. In addition, there are also a variety of stroboscopic instruments specially used to test the stroboscopic light source on the market. Directly read out the specific data of each parameter of the strobe.

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