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December 30, 2022

Why should LED chips be divided into different sizes? What are the effects of size on LED photoelectric performance?

LED chip size can be divided into low power chip, medium power chip and high power chip according to the power. According to customer requirements, it can be divided into single tube level, digital level, dot matrix level and decorative lighting and other categories. As for the specific size of the chip, it depends on the actual production level of different chip manufacturers, and there is no specific requirement. As long as the process is qualified, the chip size can increase the unit output and reduce the cost, and the photoelectric performance will not change fundamentally. The current used by the chip is actually related to the current density flowing through the chip. The small chip uses a small current, and the large chip uses a large current. Their unit current densities are basically the same. Considering that heat dissipation is the main problem under high current, its luminous efficiency is lower than that of low current. On the other hand, due to the increase of the area, the body resistance of the chip will decrease, so the forward conduction voltage will decrease.

LED high-power chip generally refers to how much area of the chip? Why?

The LED high-power chips used for white light are generally around 40mil in the market. The so-called high-power chips use power generally refers to the electric power above 1W. Since the quantum efficiency is generally less than 20%, most of the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy, so the heat dissipation of high-power chips is very important, requiring a larger chip area.

What is the mainstream development of chip technology for semiconductor lighting?

With the development of semiconductor LED technology, its application in the field of lighting is also increasing, especially the emergence of white LED, which has become a hot spot of semiconductor lighting. However, the key chip and packaging technology still needs to be improved, and the chip should be developed towards high power, high light efficiency and low thermal resistance. Increasing the power means that the current used by the chip is increased. The more direct way is to increase the size of the chip. Now the commonly used high-power chips are about 1mm×1mm, and the used current is 350mA. Due to the increase of the used current, the problem of heat dissipation becomes a problem. The outstanding problem is basically solved by the method of chip flipping. With the development of LED technology, its application in the field of lighting will face an unprecedented opportunity and challenge.

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