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How to Improve the Quality of LED High Bay Lights-Sunshinelux

January 06, 2023

  Due to the high heat generation of LED high bay lights, the quality of Led high bay lights is very limited, because high temperature accelerates chip aging, light decay, color shift, and shortens the life of LED high bay lights. To solve this problem, it is necessary to re-radiate heat and increase the luminous efficiency of LED high bay lights. At present, there is still a long way to go to increase the luminous rate of LED high bay lights at the technical level. At present, we can only rely on the following factors to improve the quality of LED high bay lights.

       1. Prepare high-power LED lamps in a modular way. The light source, heat dissipation, appearance structure, etc. are packaged into an integral module, and the modules are independent of each other. Any module can be replaced independently. When a part fails, only the faulty module needs to be replaced without Replace its overall light fixture.

       2. Enhance the thermal conductivity of the chip and reduce the thermal resistance interface layer, which involves the structural model of the thermal management system, fluid mechanics, and engineering applications of super-thermal conductive materials to accelerate heat dissipation.

       3. "Chip-heat dissipation integration (two-layer structure) mode" not only removes the aluminum substrate structure, but also places multiple chips directly on the heat dissipation body to form a multi-chip module with a single light source, and prepares an integrated large Power LED lamps, the light source is single, surface light source or cluster light source.

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