Do solar lights work in less than full sunlight?

July 23, 2023


One of the concerns many consumers who buy solar lights is what will happen to them when the weather is not ideal, whether it is cold, rainy or extremely hot and cold. These concerns arise because the batteries in solar lights are charged in sunlight.

Depending on the climate where you live, you may be wondering how well solar lights perform under different conditions.

Do outdoor solar lights need direct sunlight to charge?

Outdoor solar lights are charged by receiving direct sunlight. Therefore, the more sunlight it receives during the day, it will directly affect how long the lamp stays illuminated at night.

Generally, a fully charged solar light will run for about 12 hours after 8 hours of sunlight.

Cloudy weather will definitely affect the charging of outdoor solar lights, because there is not much light coming through. When it's cloudy, you may notice that the life of your night lights decreases.

Using a solar lantern for extended periods of time without enough sunlight may eventually impair its ability to recharge properly. According to the data, during cloudy winter months, the operating time of outdoor solar lights can vary by 30% to 50%.


Outdoors, charging with sunlight is much easier than charging with a power source. Solar lights can also be a good tool for outdoor emergency situations.

Therefore, our company has developed and launched a new LED light that integrates solar charging and power charging, and has the function of charging mobile phones at the same time. The specification of our lamp is 10W-50W, and the maximum lumen can reach 5000LM. The appearance is simple and beautiful, and is loved by customers. It is one of your indispensable outdoor tools.

If you are interested in our lamps, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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