What should we pay attention to when choosing the power of LED street lights?

January 31, 2023

  With the maturity of LED technology, more and more traditional street lights are replaced by LED street lights. Because of its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high brightness, it has been widely promoted and applied by street lamp manufacturers. However, when we choose the power of LED street lamps, we cannot refer to the standard for selecting the power of traditional street lamps, because under the same power, the brightness of LED street lamps can reach three times the brightness of street lamps dominated by traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, so when we choose the power of LED street lamps Be sure to consider the following three points.

1. The use of LED street lights

When choosing the power of LED street lights, you must first clarify the purpose of the LED street light, where it is installed, and the main purposes are generally divided into industrial parks, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, conventional roads and street lights at the entrances of various agencies. In the case of different uses, the power of the selected LED street lamps is also different.

2.The length of LED street lighting lighting time

Some areas also have requirements for lighting time. If the requirement is long-term lighting, then the requirements for LED street lights are relatively high, especially for its heat dissipation. The greater the power of the LED street light, the greater the need for heat dissipation. Therefore, when choosing the power of LED street lights, the length of lighting time should also be considered.


3. The height of LED street lights

For the light pole of the street lamp, its length requirements are different. There are also many light poles with other heights such as 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters, and 11 meters, but the height of the high-power LED street light must be higher than that of the small LED street light. High-power street lamps have high intensity, so when customers choose the power of LED street lamps, they must clarify the approximate height of the street lamp poles and survey the actual situation in all aspects in advance.


In fact, in outdoor road lighting projects, it is not that the LED street lamp with higher power has better lighting effects. When choosing the power of LED street lamps, it is necessary to consider many aspects, and at the same time ensure its practicability and lighting effect.

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