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work light manufacturers|Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of High pressure led work light and low voltage l

July 25, 2022

The high voltage of  led work light refers to the operation with the voltage of 220V, which is a dangerous voltage, and there are potential safety hazards in some risky applications; the low voltage of led work light works under the working voltage of DC 12V, which is a safe voltage and can be applied to various In this case, there is no personal injury. 

First, the advantages and disadvantages of low pressure. The advantages of low voltage: Safety: low voltage lamps are generally 12V/24/36V, which are all safe for human body to withstand voltage. It is used in places required by national standards. or a place with a higher safety factor. Longer life: Because the circuit is DC low voltage, fewer components are used and the life is longer. No flicker. Since the DC voltage is used, the stroboscopic phenomenon in AC use is avoided. Small size: It can be made as small as possible because it does not require complex circuits. Disadvantages: It is not common to connect low voltage and commonly used 220V. 

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure. Advantages of high voltage: easy to use: it can directly replace the existing 220V circuit led work light without circuit conversion or circuit modification. Strong versatility: It has a good match with the accessories on the market. Disadvantages: 1. High voltage is dangerous. 2. The volume is not easy to be miniaturized


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