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November 18, 2022

ufo led high bay lights are used in high-power lighting fixtures such as large and medium-sized production plants, warehouses, logistics, exhibition halls, power plants, toll stations, and stadiums;

At present, there are mainly the following types of intended customers:

1. For new projects, choose new lamps and lanterns

2. Energy-saving transformation of traditional lamps in our company

30W ufo led high bay lights are generally used in low-level workshops, such as 3-5m production workshops, which can provide long-term stable and efficient workshop lighting for enterprises;

50W ufo led high bay lights are also used in production plants with a height of 3-5 meters to provide higher brightness workshop lighting for enterprise workshops;

80W ufo led high bay lights , suitable for 5-8 meters high factory buildings, easy to install, easy to use, stable and high efficiency;


100W ufo led high bay lights are widely used in practical applications. They are suitable for factories with a height of 5-8 meters. They are often used to replace 250W metal halide lamps. The brightness is brighter than traditional lamps. There are chain or water pipe installation options;

120W ufo led high bay light  is often used when the brightness of 100W high bay light is not enough to improve part of the light effect and meet the actual needs;

150W ufo led high bay lights , in actual cases, completely replace 400W metal halide lamps, and the luminous efficiency is higher than that of metal halide lamps, which has been affirmed by many users in the application;

180W led high bay light, suitable for factory buildings above 15 meters, match the design illumination according to the actual hanging density;

200W led high bay lights, according to the actual situation, Leishu technology brand LED high bay light, has the actual application of replacing 1000W high bay light, the effect is very stable and high efficiency

300W ufo led high bay lights  are often used for factory lighting above 20 meters, and need to be designed according to the actual on-site illuminance

400Wufo led high bay lights are often used for factory lighting above 20 meters, and need to be designed according to the actual on-site illuminance.


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