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street lamp manufacturers|Do you know the selection of led streetlights surge protector? |Sunshinelux

July 29, 2022

Surge protector, also known as lightning arrester, lightning protector, overvoltage protector, is used to prevent damage to power supply systems, control equipment and electrical equipment caused by overvoltage and transient overvoltage caused by lightning, and to protect transmission equipment and terminals. equipment security. AM10-12 (working voltage 12VDC, maximum current capacity 12KA) DC power surge protector, widely used in DC power protection of photovoltaic, mobile communication base stations, microwave communication bureaus, computer rooms, factories, civil aviation, finance, securities and other systems , It is also used for surge protection of lamp holders and controllers of outdoor street lamp.

In the LED street lamp system, the most important part of surge protection is the lamp head and controller with high integration of electronic components. When a lightning strike generates a surge, the surge invades the lamp head and controller along the transmission line, and the instantaneous overvoltage will cause Damage to some electronic components, thus damage to the lamp head and controller. The model selection of the surge protector is selected according to the working voltage of the protected equipment. The working voltage of our common LED street lamp is 12V DC, so the AM10-12 surge protector is generally used, and the maximum co-current capacity is 10KA.


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