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November 11, 2022

Street lights have become more and more inseparable from our lives, but the following points should be paid attention to in the selection:

First, pay attention to the service life of LED street lights. The service life of LED street lights is relatively long, but affected by factors such as environment and light decay, the life of LED street lights will be affected. Better quality, less light decay, longer life, the price will be higher.

Second, pay attention to the LED chips used in LED street lights. The LED chip is the core part of the LED street light, and the quality of the LED chip affects the service life, brightness, light color, etc. of the LED street light. When purchasing LED street lights, it is necessary to know which LED chips are used in the LED street lights provided by the manufacturer. Generally, the quality of imported LED chips is slightly better, but the price of LED street lights using imported LED chips is quite expensive.

Third, pay attention to the warranty time of LED street lights.

Fourth, pay attention to the brightness of LED street lights. The brightness of LED street lamps is an important factor for us to choose LED street lamps. The brightness of LED fluorescent lamps we use generally reaches about 85LM/W. Generally, the higher the brightness per watt and the higher the number of lumens, the higher the price of LED street lights.


Fifth, pay attention to the light color of LED street lights. The more stable the wavelength of the LED street light, the more consistent the color of the LED street light, and the better the quality of the LED street light.


sixth. Heat dissipation. The most important factor affecting the life of LED street lamps is temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the life of LED street lamps and the smaller the light decay. The heat dissipation of LED street lamps is a big question, and its importance and technical difficulty are no less than that of light distribution.


Seventh, waterproof and dustproof. Most LED street lights work outdoors and are often exposed to wind and rain, so waterproof and dustproof is very important. Once the dust gets into the lamp, it will cause the LED street light efficiency to decrease and the brightness to decrease. If water enters, it will lead to the scrapping of LED street lights, so the protection level of LED street lights should be above IP65.



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