led high bay light manufacturer|What is the effect of aluminum substrate on heat dissipation of warehouse led high bay l

August 30, 2022

The thermal conductivity of the led aluminum substrate is usually divided into three coefficients, such as 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0, which is commonly referred to as the medium and high thermal conductivity. The key depends on the insulating layer of the aluminum substrate.

The thermal conductivity is the composite heat transfer relationship for the heat transfer form with thermal conductivity. When there are other forms of heat transfer, such as radiation, convection, and mass transfer, the composite heat transfer relationship is often referred to as apparent thermal conductivity. coefficient, explicit thermal conductivity, or effective thermal conductivity.

In addition, the thermal conductivity is for homogeneous materials. In practice, there are porous, multi-layer, multi-structure, and anisotropic materials. The thermal conductivity obtained by this material is actually a performance of comprehensive thermal conductivity. .

At this stage, many people in the LED aluminum substrate market care about the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates. Although the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates is very important, it is not the only reference standard. Generally, the thermal conductivity of single-layer aluminum substrates on the market is usually 1.0. Most aluminum substrate manufacturers use PP insulating layers. The thermal conductivity is usually 2.0, and the insulating layer is thermally conductive adhesive. This is the key. material composition.

In fact, the thermal conductivity of the led aluminum substrate mainly depends on the thermal conductivity of the intermediate insulating layer. The smaller the thermal resistance value, the faster the heat conduction and the better the heat dissipation.


In a typical LED structure, the heat generated by the warehouse led high bay lights is conducted to the metal substrate through the insulating layer, and then to the heat sink through the thermal interface material, so that most of the heat generated by the warehouse led high bay lights can be convected by convection. diffuse into the surrounding air. However, most of the aluminum substrate insulation layers have little or no thermal conductivity, so that heat cannot be conducted from the LED to the heat sink (metal substrate), and the entire heat dissipation channel cannot be unobstructed. In this way, the heat accumulation of the warehouse led high bay lights will soon cause the LED to fail. Let's talk about the significance of LED aluminum substrate for warehouse led high bay lights? An aluminum substrate with a high thermal conductivity insulating layer solves this problem very well. Thus ensuring the lowest operating temperature, the brightest brightness, and the longest service life of the warehouse led high bay lights. Therefore, it is very important to choose an aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity for warehouse led high bay lights.

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