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September 21, 2022

LED high bay lights are lighting equipment often used in factory lighting. Their installation methods include ceiling mount and ceiling mount. According to their lighting function, they can be divided into general lighting and spot lighting. With the increasing use of LED energy-saving high-bay lamps, the market competition has become more and more intense, and the quality of high-bay lamps is also uneven. So, how to maintain LED energy-saving high bay lights when they are in use?

  1. When buying back the LED high bay light, please do not install it, please read the marking of the bulb carefully and read the installation manual, then install and use the LED high bay light according to the instructions, otherwise it may be dangerous

2. During cleaning and maintenance, please be careful not to change the structure of the LED high bay light, and do not arbitrarily replace the parts of the LED high bay light. After cleaning and maintenance, the bulb should be installed as it is, without missing or wrong installation of bulb parts;

3. The LED high bay light needs to be maintained during use to prolong its service life. Often wipe with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, so as to avoid rust or long-term leakage and short circuit; try to wipe as much as possible so as not to affect the light penetration.

LED high bay lights are now widely used in industrial lighting as most consumers already understand the benefits. In a specific use process, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance, so that the lamp life is longer and the light effect is better.


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