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led flood light supplier|What is the thermal conductivity of commonly used aluminum substrates in led flood lights with

August 15, 2022

The thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate in led flood lights is one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of the aluminum substrate. Two other important factors are the thermal resistance and withstand voltage of the aluminum substrate. At present, the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates on the market is generally 2.00.1. The thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates led flood lights can be measured by instruments, which will directly affect the price of aluminum substrates. Generally speaking, the higher the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate, the higher the price of the aluminum substrate. As for the quality of the aluminum substrate, we cannot just look at the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate. The thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate comprehensively determine the performance of the aluminum substrate. is not determined by a single factor.

Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates is fixed and will not change with external factors. The thermal conductivity is mainly determined by the raw material of the aluminum substrate. If high thermal conductivity materials such as copper and silver are added, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate material will definitely be higher. Thermal conductivity is a basic physical quantity that is a fixed component of a material, and its thermal conductivity is independent of thickness or area.

Today, ceramics, copper, etc. generally have high thermal conductivity. However, due to cost issues, most aluminum substrates are used in the market, and the corresponding thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates is a parameter that everyone cares about. Higher thermal conductivity is one of the hallmarks of better functionality. Aluminum substrate is a common metal-based copper-clad aluminum substrate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation function and processing function. The thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates in led flood lights is usually between 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0, depending on the needs of the commodity.


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