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china outdoor led floodlight manufacturer|Whats the factors that influence the modular led flood light price?|Sunshinel

September 08, 2022

The price war of modular led flood light is also strongly contrasted. Products with almost the same appearance, parameters and brightness have different prices but are 2-3 times higher. Let us explain the five factors that determine the price of LED module floodlights. Help us choose LED module flood light products with higher cost performance.

  1. The life of LED module flood light. The first important factor that affects the cost performance of LED module floodlights is its lifespan, which is determined by light decay. Commodities with low light decay, long lifespan and long lifespan are naturally more expensive.

2. The chip of modular led flood light. The illuminant of LED is a chip, and the chip grades are different, which has a great impact on the price of LED module floodlights. The ED module flood light is equivalent to placing the light-emitting diodes together according to certain rules and then encapsulating them, plus some anti-3. The brightness of the LED module flood light. The brightness of LEDs is not the same, and the price varies greatly. The price of LED module floodlights made of high-brightness LEDs will be higher than ordinary ones.

4. Colloid for LED module flood light. The general LED module flood light uses epoxy resin as the colloid. The LED module flood light with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant is more expensive. If it is used for outdoor advertising display, choose a good colloid package. Items can last longer.

5. The chip size of the modular led flood light. The size of the chip is mainly reflected by the side length. If a large chip LED is used, its quality will be better than that of a small chip. In terms of price, the size of the chip is inversely proportional to the price.


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